Weddings are Good for a Marriage

I love going to weddings for lots of reasons: seeing the distinctive decorations, ornate gowns, fresh flower arrangements, and listening to the beautiful music. I love seeing the sparkle in the bridesmaids’ eyes, the uncontrollable smiles and the barely controllable tears in their eyes. I love watching the groom’s face as he awaits his bride. And I can never (ever!) hold back my own tears as I watch the bride march down the aisle on the arm of her uncharacteristically emotional father. It’s an enjoyable experience. 

But I love weddings for a much more personal reason too. Weddings remind me of my own Special Day, May 8th, 2001. In my day-to-day living, I often forget what a great, long-anticipated treasure in my husband I gained that day. We had dated for five long years and could hardly wait to be together forever, to not have to say goodnight and part ways ever again. And I thought I would never lose the wonder of it once we became One. 

Older married folks would chuckle at us and tell us that we’d stop hanging all over each other, that we’d get used to being married and that we would even stop serving and preferring each other so often. But we shrugged them off and said, “Not us!” 

Well, 7 years later, I’ve got to plead guilty! There are ways that I’ve taken my wonderful marriage and my amazing husband for granted. And the wedding I attended on Friday night helped me to remember the treasure I have and the promises I made to reverence, honor, and submit to him.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Thompson, and thank you for sharing your beautiful ceremony with me!

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