Children’s Christmas Books

I have two beautiful children’s Christmas books to recommend to you. If you’re looking for nice art and a wonderful message, check out these:

Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski

What are your favorite children’s Christmas books?

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Dolls at Target

If you’re wanting to buy your daughter a doll for Christmas, I’d recommend looking at Target. I’ve been very pleased with a few dolls that are exclusive to Target stores.

First, the Our Generation series of dolls: Click here to see the dolls and associated products. These dolls seem to be a spin-off of the American Girl doll series. They’re the same size as AG dolls, but you can get one for $20, as opposed to $90+.

And if your daughter likes Barbies but you’re a bit uncomfortable with Barbie, check these out. Only Hearts dolls are just a bit smaller than Barbies, but I think they’d work fine with Barbie-type accessories. These dolls look sweet and youthful, and they cost around $15. They have soft, malleable bodies, which could be a plus or minus, I guess.

(Disclaimers: I’m sure I don’t like ALL the accessories for these dolls. I could do without the “rocker” accessories, for instance, and I haven’t read the books that go along with the dolls. Also, I haven’t tested these dolls for quality or durability…yet.)

I’m giving Target a big thumbs up, my recommendation to others, and my business for designing and selling dolls that look sweet and are dressed appropriately. You go, Target!

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Looking Back on Thanksgiving…and toward Christmas

Love it- hate it. That’s sort of how I felt about my thanksgiving meal this year. We had 15 special people squeezed into our kitchen. It was a mixture of family and close friends, and we surely had a feast! There was the 20-pound turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash, peas, broccoli quiche, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, I’m-probably-forgetting-something-else, and 6 pies! After we all ate, it seemed that the bowls piled high with food were hardly less full than before the meal began. As the saying goes, we could’ve fed an army! I kept thinking about how the meal was like God’s goodness and mercy–full and overflowing. Plenty. Unending. And we had the most special time of giving thanks that I can recall ever at a Thanksgiving feast. We sat around the living room, some of us on the floor, sharing how God has been good to us. One talked about God’s comfort after the loss of a sister. Another shared thankfulness for the limited amount of sight he still has. Everyone had something to share about God’s goodness.

Well, we ate turkey sandwiches that night, and the next night we had another Thanksgiving meal with the leftovers. And then those plastic containers in my fridge and those foil-covered pie plates really started to become a nuisance. Any other time I would’ve savored a piece of pumpkin pie or a bowl full of sausage stuffing. But I was tired of it. And I learned it wasn’t just me. At church on Sunday I heard friends talking about how tired they were of turkey. They wanted chili, fast-food, anything other than the leftover turkey that was screaming “Eat me!” from the fridge.


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