Good Theology (from a 3-year-old)

When we moved from Kansas, we left behind a very dear friend of our family, Becca Linville. She ate most meals with us, shared our burdens and joys, and babysat our kids when we went on overnight trips. Our kids were sad to leave her, but they were delighted when we learned we had a sweet teenage neighbor named Becca– Becca Knoll. The “new” Becca babysat our kids a couple of times and has become a good friend. Yesterday my 3-year-old said, “God took away our old Becca and gave us a new Becca. Because God is nice. But I can’t see Him. But I want to give him a hug.” I was struck with the truths Leah unintentionally revealed in her little statement: When God takes away, He’s still good. May I never forget that! I’m thrilled that Leah has a right view of God (at least….in some respects!) and I pray that her knowledge of God continues to grow and that she will love and serve Him with her life.

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