Djubi Sale- Order Yours Today!

In an earlier post I introduced you to a fun new game called Djubi. This is the coolest twist on “pitch and catch” that you’ll ever see. For a limited time, Djubi is offering an online special for $24.99. Don’t miss out on this sale! Order yours today!

*And if you’d like to learn a little bit more about my brother-in-law, go to his business website at or his family website at

P.S. Greenville friends, stop into O.P. Taylor downtown or The Elephant’s Trunk to see Djubi for yourself!

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Christians and Generosity

There are certain places here in Greenville where I’m highly likely to run into scores of Christian friends: consignment sales, used book sales, Dress-Like-A-Cow-And-Get-Free-Chick-Fil-A Day, etc. Just say the word “sale,” or, especially, “free” and I and my fellow Greenville Christians will be there, ready to snatch up the good deal. There’s a grocery store in town that holds a sidewalk sale once a month–six bucks a box. From what I understand, folks have to stand behind a line until a whistle is blown, and then it’s every man for himself–pushing and grabbing to fill your box with the best stuff. Though I haven’t been there, I can almost guarantee it’s a hot-spot for my Christian friends. We certainly do love a good deal. There is virtue to all of this bargain-hunting. Following the example of the Proverbs 31 Woman, we’re trying to provide wisely for our families. We’re trying to make our little paychecks turn into pretty clothes, reliable cars and yummy meals for the whole family.

But if you’ll look a little more closely at the Proverbs 31 Woman, you’ll not only see frugality and resourcefulness, but you’ll also see generosity:

Proverbs 31:20 “She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.”

Frugality is good and virtuous, but if I were to look up all the verses on generosity/ giving to those in need and compare them with the verses that extol being economical, I think the scales would be tipped in the direction of giving. Penny-pinching is good; generosity is even better. And when I picture what we Greenville Christians must look like to other people, I see a lot of grabbing for the best food- holding my good place in line- I’m lookin’ out for me and mine sort of images rather than the I’d like to give you mine- I’m willing to be last- Who can I help sort of images.

There’s a story that’s been affecting me for days. I read the story on CNN, watched a few associated videos, and bawled my eyes out. Though God’s name is not mentioned as the motivator for this giving, I think we can see His character manifested through the generosity of this woman.

If you haven’t run across it yet, it’s worth the read and the time to watch a video clip or two. May God help me to be more generous for His glory!

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