Teaching My Children to Love Others

We’ve been focusing on loving others lately in our home, and I’d like to share with you some of the ways I’m teaching my children to be others-conscious.

1. Friendliness: I’ve got a shy daughter, and when friends at church say Hi to her she’s prone to avoid eye contact and remain silent. I was the same way, so I understand her struggle. At home we’re practicing. I pretend I’m “So-and-so” from church and greet her while she practices eye contact with a friendly response. We’re working on it. So, if you know us, and if you say Hi to my daughter and she doesn’t respond, will you mind waiting just a minute while I coach her in her ear and we work on it? Thanks!

2. Friendliness #2: It’s harder for both of us to be friendly to strangers, so we’re working on this one together. When we go to the park, I try to focus on being friendly to the moms while I encourage my children to be friendly to the other kids. When we pull up at the park, I try to remind all of us that we need to be friendly. This one’s tough for me (Remember, I said I was shy?), but my children are proving to be good accountability for me!

3. Making things for people, especially cards of thanks. My daughter also loves to string beads to make bracelets for others.

I have two great ideas from Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World by Jill Rigby. We’ve been working on these just recently:

4. Teach your children to say, “Have a good day!” to grocery clerks. My two kids and I gave this farewell to our Walmart clerk this week, and I think her smile stretched halfway across the store. Also, it made her laugh! She was laughing for as long as I could turn around and still see her. Our first attempt at this one was definitely rewarding! 🙂

5. When you pass an accident on the highway, pray with your children for the people involved.

What ideas do you have for teaching your children to love and be concerned for others?

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