Children’s Christmas Books

I have two beautiful children’s Christmas books to recommend to you. If you’re looking for nice art and a wonderful message, check out these:

Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski

What are your favorite children’s Christmas books?

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Dolls at Target

If you’re wanting to buy your daughter a doll for Christmas, I’d recommend looking at Target. I’ve been very pleased with a few dolls that are exclusive to Target stores.

First, the Our Generation series of dolls: Click here to see the dolls and associated products. These dolls seem to be a spin-off of the American Girl doll series. They’re the same size as AG dolls, but you can get one for $20, as opposed to $90+.

And if your daughter likes Barbies but you’re a bit uncomfortable with Barbie, check these out. Only Hearts dolls are just a bit smaller than Barbies, but I think they’d work fine with Barbie-type accessories. These dolls look sweet and youthful, and they cost around $15. They have soft, malleable bodies, which could be a plus or minus, I guess.

(Disclaimers: I’m sure I don’t like ALL the accessories for these dolls. I could do without the “rocker” accessories, for instance, and I haven’t read the books that go along with the dolls. Also, I haven’t tested these dolls for quality or durability…yet.)

I’m giving Target a big thumbs up, my recommendation to others, and my business for designing and selling dolls that look sweet and are dressed appropriately. You go, Target!

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