A Hearty Recommendation

Well, a month or so ago I had high hopes of writing lots of posts on things that have been swirling around in my mind, but for now the time it would take is better spent elsewhere. For now. But I did want to pop in and give a big, hearty recommendation for the Faith Comes By Hearing recorded New Testament. Wow. I became familiar with it through Ann Voskamp’s blog, and we bought a set for the kids for Christmas. I can’t give a big enough recommendation for this dramatized audio Bible. You can get it as a “Bible stick”, MP3s, CDs, or a few other options. It’s available in several different translations. We bought the ESV in CDs. For us, CDs work well because we can put one in each of the vehicles, one in the downstairs stereo, and one in each of the kids’ rooms, if we want. We’ve been listening to them nonstop in the car and throughout the house. The kids are listening and asking questions. Just today in the car we were listening to the crucifixion story and I got these questions: “What does “strike” mean? What does “flog” mean? What does “crucify” mean?” When I play a CD, the kids stop what they’re doing, and they listen! And Dan and I keep hearing and thinking about things that we hadn’t thought about before. They’re very well-done, with sound effects and different voices. (Just listen to the excerpt on the site. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that?) My brother-in-law and sister-in-law ordered these, and they’re just as delighted with them as we are. If you’re wondering whether there’s anything negative about it, here are my thoughts: There are a few times we’ve asked ourselves, “Would Jesus have really said it that way?” and a few of my family members are bothered by the evil voice of Satan (since his voice would not necessarily sound evil.) Because it is dramatized, the readers have had to make some decisions about the tone of voice a character would have used. You may disagree with the tone of voice used at times, but I think they do a superb job.

Five out of five stars. I should be on their marketing team, because I am totally excited about this audio New Testament.

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