A Few Good Posts

Well, I haven’t had much time to post my own thoughts lately, but I thought I’d link to a few posts that have really resonated with me lately:

The first one is a post from Ann at A Holy Experience. Click here. I thought I just might cry when I read this post. I am learning to be more content with what I call “happy chaos” in my home. Often I choose spending time with my kids over folding the laundry or allowing my children to make a creative mess over keeping my house pristine. By nature, though, I really am a person who likes everything to be clean and tidy. And then sometimes I feel guilty about the toys on the floor or the sink full of dishes that I just can’t get to right now. Or I feel incompetent when someone comes over and the house isn’t as neat as I’d like it to be. Anyway, if you struggle with those types of feelings too, go read Ann’s post. It’ll bless you.

And then I read this gem from Wendy Alsup over at Practical Theology for Women. I can’t begin to explain to people how God has transformed my husband and me as we have understood more of the gospel in recent years. God has changed us from legalistic Pharisees into gospel-loving people who understand more of God’s grace than we ever realized was possible. And I know we’re just scratching the surface. But it’s really hard for us to explain to people who are stuck in our old kinds of thought patterns just how we’ve changed and what those changes mean. So….I probably need to start posting things that give little windows into this new world of understanding. Anyway….if you’re trying to understand God’s grace or why I’m so weird and different lately, go read Wendy’s post. And I’ll try to be better about posting things that articulate better than I can why I believe the gospel is extremely important for believers every day, not just for those who are yet in unbelief.

Ok. Sorry for this awkwardly worded post, but I hope these links will be a blessing to you today!

Oh, and, by the way, if you are interested in sewing, I’ve started another blog at lifesewbeautiful.wordpress.com, where I’m posting photos and descriptions of the things I’m sewing.

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