Bible Story Books and Verse Memorization for Young Children

We’ve used several books for Bible reading time/ verse memorization with our young children. I thought I’d share with you some of the resources we’ve used, and you can feel free to respond with some of your favorites. Also, I’ve put these in developmentally appropriate order. We used the first book when our children were barely talking, and we’re using the last few resources now with our two pre-K children.

1. The ABC Memory Book: Our children learned several verses around the time they were also learning their ABC’s: “A- All we like sheep have gone astray. B- But He was wounded for our transgressions. etc.” We would recite these verses and talk about them at breakfast each morning. I was amazed at the number of verses our toddlers learned.

2. The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth N. Taylor: I should mention that there is a new version of this classic book with more cartoony pictures, which I don’t care for. The original pictures are beautiful and, in my opinion, needed no update. Each Bible story is short enough to hold the attention of even young children, and they love to look at the pictures.

3. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones: This is a unique, gospel-centered Bible story book. The thing I love about this Bible story book is that each and every story, including those in the Old Testament, points to Jesus. I just love it. Now, I know a lot of people who love the art in this book, but, personally, I’m not overly fond of it.

4. Kids4Truth: My church hosts a Kids4Truth club with incentives for memorizing verses. Kids4Truth is a unique, doctrine-based program that includes not only verse memorization, but also catechism-like questions and answers to teach children about 12 basic doctrines of the Bible. If you have no Kids4Truth club near you, you can still use the resources in your own family. They’re excellent.

Feel free to comment and share with us some of your favorite resources!


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  1. We also love the Jesus Storybook Bible. My pastor husband is using just the outline of this book for his “The Whole Counsel of God” series that he’s preaching on Sunday mornings this year. ( It has been a huge blessing to our church and is highly instructive for many who have never been taught to look for Christ in the Old Testament.
    I also highly recommend Catherine Vos’ The Children’s Story Bible (published as one volume in 1940). It has the most comprehensive table of contents I’ve seen in a children’s Bible, is very accurate, and deals with hard things in a very tactful manner. We are using this with our four year old and it is amazing how much she is learning.
    We are also using Carine Mackenzie’s little paperback set of My First Books (First Book of Christian Values, First Book of Memory Verses, and First Book of Questions and Answers -for Catechism work)
    Other recommendations include:
    Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt
    The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm (same theme as The Jesus Storybook Bible, but geared for an even younger child)

    I can’t wait for other comments!

  2. Excellent, Kristi! Thanks!

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  4. I think this is a great start to the list. One of my favorites is the My First Read and Learn Bible:

    Our greatest gifts are our children, and what better way to mix Faith with family than by sharing the stories of the Bible to them. I’m looking forward to your next post!

  5. I need to check out the stuff for the younger kids, because if it gets too wordy, it is still over Daniel’s head, but I think that is the autism coming into play. He just can’t process a lot of words at a time.
    One great thing out therapist told us to do for Daniel is to make homemade tapes for him to listen to of stories, hymns, math facts, verses, catechism and anything else we want him to memorize (addresses and phone numbers too). It is amazing how much they both have learned while riding in the car for errands.

  6. I am a child evangelist and wants to learn more about how i can reach out to many children in my locality.I therefore resulted to the net for free bible storybooks for my childreen.I would like to know how you can use your good office to help me out for Gods glory.Hope to here from you soon.Thanks.

  7. I’m sorry, Agbezuke, but I do not have an office. I’m just a mother, writing about the things God is teaching me day-by-day. Perhaps you can ask for some help through your local church? God bless!

  8. […] Jesus Storybook Bible-A Giveaway My most popular blog post ever is one I wrote about my favorite Bible story books for young children. I get hits weekly, if not daily, from people who are looking for good resources for teaching the […]

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