Titus 2 Empty Nesters

Nancy over at Femina has a great post directed toward Empty Nest Homemakers. She urges mothers whose children have all grown and left home to consider serving in their churches rather than automatically opting for a job to fill all that extra time. From my beneficiary seat, I’d just like to give an “amen” to that idea!

A few years ago I had an infant and another baby on the way, and I was terribly morning sick. I remember lying on the floor, crying, and thinking, “Who can I call to help me?” I really didn’t have anyone. All my family was far away, and the norm in my church at that time was that once your children went to school, you worked. Then, as a mother of two young children, there were times when I longed to accompany my husband on a few business trips, but, again, finding someone who would be available to watch my children overnight was tough with the other ladies’ schedules being so full with work. During difficult times, I longed for an older woman who could take me under her wing and help me navigate the wide world of motherhood and marriage. Shortly before we moved, one lady tearfully told me that she would’ve liked to have spent more time with me, but that life was too busy.

Our current church has a bit of a different dynamic. Many of our older ladies are working, but there are a number of women who have given themselves to serve others, especially us young mothers. Some of these ladies aren’t empty nesters, but their children are in school, and these mothers are using their free time for one-on-one discipleship, group Bible studies, visits to the elderly, meals for those who need encouragement, etc. Just the other night a man in our church testified that a few of these ladies had visited his ailing mother during her last months and had been instrumental in her understanding the gospel. I smiled, and my heart was warmed as I thought of how many people those dear ladies are impacting for eternity as they minister love and compassion and bear others’ burdens. I know they’ve been a blessing to this young mama, who never lacks for a helping hand or a godly word of encouragement.

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  1. By the way, Kim at The Upward Call posted about this recently, too: http://theupwardcall.blogspot.com/2008/03/being-available.html

  2. Thank you for this post. I also find myself crying at times and wondering who in the world could help because everyone works. A lot of women need to work when their kids start school, but I’d like to give another “amen” to the idea that, if you don’t need to work, please consider giving time to the overwhelmed, elderly, sick, and busy.

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