Dolls at Target

If you’re wanting to buy your daughter a doll for Christmas, I’d recommend looking at Target. I’ve been very pleased with a few dolls that are exclusive to Target stores.

First, the Our Generation series of dolls: Click here to see the dolls and associated products. These dolls seem to be a spin-off of the American Girl doll series. They’re the same size as AG dolls, but you can get one for $20, as opposed to $90+.

And if your daughter likes Barbies but you’re a bit uncomfortable with Barbie, check these out. Only Hearts dolls are just a bit smaller than Barbies, but I think they’d work fine with Barbie-type accessories. These dolls look sweet and youthful, and they cost around $15. They have soft, malleable bodies, which could be a plus or minus, I guess.

(Disclaimers: I’m sure I don’t like ALL the accessories for these dolls. I could do without the “rocker” accessories, for instance, and I haven’t read the books that go along with the dolls. Also, I haven’t tested these dolls for quality or durability…yet.)

I’m giving Target a big thumbs up, my recommendation to others, and my business for designing and selling dolls that look sweet and are dressed appropriately. You go, Target!

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  1. Just wanted to give a follow-up assessment of these dolls, now that we own both kinds.

    I really like the Only Hearts doll we bought. If my daughter shows interest in Barbie dolls, I’d rather stock up on these.

    As far as the Our Generation doll goes, I’m sure her quality is quite lacking as compared to an American Girl doll, although it’s been awhile since I’ve actually seen one. Her hair gets impossibly tangly, so if you’re looking for brush-able hair, this doll isn’t probably the best choice.

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