God is My Protector

On Friday night a town on the other side of my state was almost completely obliterated by a tornado. I was sobered Saturday morning as I read the report of the devastation in Greensburg, Kansas: 9 people dead and 90% of the town destroyed. No church was left standing.

As I was heading to bed on Saturday night, a storm was brewing outside, so Dan turned on the weather radio: Tornado Watch until 5am. Oh no. The tragedy of the previous night was too fresh on my mind. I felt seized with panic. After all, we live in a mobile home–one of the worst types of shelter during a tornado. Dan was planning on staying up for awhile, so I asked him to wake me up when he was ready to go to bed, and I would stay up until the Watch was over. Although it’s a good idea to keep tabs on a storm so you’ll know if you need to find more suitable shelter, I knew that I was not placing my trust in the Lord–the One who controls the winds and the rain. I was relying on my watchfulness to protect us from a possible tornado. Thankfully, I had recently meditated on a verse that came to mind: Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain.” I confessed to God that I have no control over our safety, and I prayed that HE would keep us safe.

Dan checked the weather radio on and off until about 12:30 am and then he felt satisfied that nothing was going to happen here, so he went to bed. I still got up every hour or so (more often when I thought I heard strange wind outside) to check the weather radio and to look outside, but it gave me peace to remember that God is my Protector and my Safety.

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